The Healing Benefits of Water

The Healing Benefits of Water

What is it about water that keeps us coming back for more?  It’s mesmerizing.  It’s intoxicating. Think of all the times you’ve driven down to the ocean or lake just to be near it.  It’s healing, calming and refreshing.

I grew up on Lake Ontario and spent many warms days down at the beach – just taking it in.  Relationships were formed, evolved and changed at that lake, leaving lasting memories.  The calming, healing water always soothed away whatever may have been on my mind.  Water still has this effect on me and as my studies uncovered there are many, many benefits to water that we all can reap!

Whether you’re bathing in it, swimming in it or drinking it.  It soothes what ails you.  My wonderful discovery of how beneficial water is, came only after I looked long and hard at what helps your body and what harms your body. This research is a continual process that evolves and keeps me in check!  I hope this will help you too!


The human body is made up of up to 70% water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biology Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the lungs are about 83% water. In short it keeps the body functioning. But, at what level?

Your car runs well on gasoline, right?  Well if you fueled your car with anything but water, would it run efficiently?  No. It’s the same with the human body. It performs optimally while fueled with water and loves the benefits of being submerged in it, or taking it in visually or even listening to the soothing sounds. All found to be therapeutic in their own right.

Healing Benefits of Drinking Water

How can you tell when you need water? Is it the one signal that we all know? You become thirsty so your body sends you a warning signal that says “I need more water”.  Or are there other hidden dehydration symptoms that we are unaware of?

Dehydration can occur very easily if you’re not paying attention. Even more so during hotter days, strenuous exercise, and in high altitudes. Dehydration can also occur because of salt intake. Remember how you felt after that salty meal? Your kidneys said…too much sodium, drink more water to get rid of this.

Some of the signs and symptoms of dehydration are muscle and joint pain, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, excessive thirst, decreased urination and irritability to name a few.

Your body has several advantages to staying properly hydrated. Nutrients can move through your blood more easily when adequately hydrating which allows your joints to move with ease because water helps maintain an adequate blood volume.

Joints are like hinges, where two bones come together. A liquid called synovial fluid fills the space between the bones and provides food to the joint and cartilage. If you don’t get enough water, these joints can become drier than normal.

If your joints were like sponges then two wet sponges can move more easily against one another, than two dry sponges.  Joints that are well-nourished can move more easily. Water also flushes out waste products from the joints.  Sometimes with an injury or chronic stress, a build up of acidic crystals forms, so you want to try to flush out as much as possible.

Water also helps build muscles by transporting nutrients to your cells and waste out of the body.  When you have been dehydrated, muscles are deprived of electrolytes and will therefore cramp.  Without proper water and electrolyte balance, muscle strength and control are at a disadvantage.

According to Dr. F. Batmaghelidj, an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water. The body signals its water shortage by producing pain. Dehydration actually produces pain and many degenerative diseases.

So, I decided to make a significant point of drinking more water to keep my muscles fueled and lubricated. And guess what happened?  I also noticed that I didn’t have as many aches and pains, and my headaches seemed less!

Healing through Movement in Water

With my new love of water (I never liked to drink water before), I decided to take up swimming twice a week at our local sports recreation complex. This was a great benefit because it took the much needed stress off my joints and I was still moving and grooving in the water! My flexibility increased and I was building up endurance and strength.

Water is liquid gold when it comes to your body and the healing properties are vast.

So, the next time you are out for lunch with friends, ask yourself, what is on tap? H2O to go! You can drink like a fish and reap all the benefits!


What are some ways water has helped in your healing?   How did you feel after drinking more water daily? Did you sleep better?  How did you feel after water exercises?

Please fill us in on all your hydrating details.

 Dana Fawcett RHN





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